The Potential to Inspire

You’re a busy, high-performing leader who cares deeply about your organization, achieving good results, and the people who make it happen. And yet ….

  • You’re frustrated that the things that made you an effective leader in your last job aren’t working for you now.
  • You find yourself at an impasse with some colleagues and can’t figure out how to get your team to take full ownership for results.
  • You feel drained and constantly down by putting out fires, and can’t find space to get perspective on the bigger-picture vision and strategy.
  • You feel torn trying to reconcile the demands of different stakeholders, and need help getting clear on your own vision.
  • You feel called to leave a legacy in your organization or community, but you’re not sure where to start.

Effectiveness versus Performance

The most valued leaders have traditionally been seen as “high performing,” powerfully driven top leaders who motivate their team by any means, and get results by doing more and demanding more.

At Praxsys Leadership, a California-based firm, we take a different view. We’re dedicated to developing effective leaders throughout an organization who recognize that individuals, teams, and the system at large are constantly impacting each other. In our experience, the most effective and high performing leaders are self-aware, collaborative, and focused on developing others’ capacity even as they inspire them to achieve extraordinary results.

Supporting You to Inspire Growth and Change

At Praxsys Leadership, we understand that the most effective leaders are those who are fulfilled and inspired—and who in turn can foster greater collaboration, productivity and satisfaction within an organization.

Since our founding in California in 2005, Praxsys Leadership has been dedicated to supporting executives in reconnecting to a sense of meaning in their work, developing awareness of challenges and limitations, shifting behavior, improving relationships, and inspiring growth and change in the organization. We have had the honor of partnering with hundreds of leaders and teams around the world in creating ways of working that are more engaged, connected, satisfying — and yes, productive.

Our team’s deep experience in real-world leadership challenges of business and social impact enterprises enables them to work with each leader’s unique set of strengths and challenges. We use evidence-based methods grounded in the latest research on human development, and we combine this with practical techniques in areas such as group dynamics, communication, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to help organizations.

The Results:

  • You develop the self-awareness and understanding of others, necessary to solve long-standing issues and affect real change within the organization.
  • You adopt new practices that put this wisdom into action.
  • You are supported in pursuing what matters most to you.
  • Your job satisfaction and effectiveness rise as stress decreases.
  • As the effects ripple out, new team and organizational cultures emerge.

How It Works

Our customized programs are pragmatic, rigorous, and systematic and designed to create measurable shifts in your daily work experience. The flow of a typical engagement is as follows:

  • We start with an in-depth discovery and intake conversation to understand you, your values and commitments, your relationship with others,  your routines and habits, the core issues you want to focus on in the executive coaching program, and many other aspects of who you are.
  • Based on the focus of the executive coaching program, we conduct a systematic leadership assessment to help us identify your strengths and areas for development. This assessment may include brief confidential interviews with selected colleagues, a customized online 360° assessment, and “shadow coaching” (observing you in the wild).
  • We’ll utilize what we discover to create your leadership development plan: the framework of your executive coaching engagement including the purpose and intended outcomes of your coaching, and specific developmental competencies we will help you cultivate to achieve them.
  • You and your certified Integral Coach® will meet privately for twelve or more executive coaching sessions every two weeks, either in person or videoconference. Your coach will give you specific customized practices aligned with your leadership development plan that you’ll take up between sessions.
  • During ongoing coaching meetings you’ll discuss what challenges you encounter, and your coach will offer guidance, point out blind spots, help you reframe problems to find new insights, and adapt your practices as your needs evolve.
  • All executive coaching programs are oriented to building your capacity for self-generation, self-correction, and long-term excellence. Put simply, that means the growth that happens during your work with your coach will continue once the formal executive coaching relationship has ended. We’ll create a development sustainability plan for you to follow as you move forward on your own.

Develop your professional life to place where you not only succeed, but flourish. Let an executive coaching program with Praxsys Leadership transform how you work and live.

For a free initial consultation, contact Praxsys Leadership online or by calling our California offices about executive coaching at (909) 632-1624.

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