have been drawn for centuries to the Camino de Santiago — the Way of St. James — as a path of self-discovery, stepping away from their daily lives to undertake a journey of transformation.


routinely cite how much they need to take time away from their busy lives, and yet when they do, they rarely ever take time to reflect on the gifts and burdens of life and leadership.

What if…

you had the opportunity to join a small, select group of leaders to trek the Camino together for ten epic days to deeply consider the path of your life and leadership?

Would you accept the invitation?

Who are you really?

We each have an inherent human capacity and drive to act in the world with purpose, dignity, belonging, and contribution. You were born with your own unique potential for leadership as a quality of your true nature as a human being.

And yet, in the rush and noise and striving of everyday life, you can easily lose track of who you are and what matters most. Finding space and time to step back and reflect on how you can deepen your own personal calling sometimes seems impossible.

Perhaps you long to discover your own leadership voice. Perhaps you simply crave some quiet time away to reflect on the blessings and burdens of leadership. Perhaps you feel a calling to reconnect with a deeper sense of purpose and vocation.

Journey in Leadership is an opportunity for leaders, coaches, and other seekers to join a small, select group of peers in trekking the historic pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago, the Way of Saint James. Over ten epic days, you will deeply consider the path of your own life: the journey it has taken you on thus far, and the moment it has led you to now.

A sign with directions to vila de cruces and lema santiso

The group walks together on trails through beautiful forests and fields across more than 70 miles through scenic rolling terrain in 10 days. You will stay in historic guest houses, dine on farm-to-table cuisine, and your luggage is transported so you can fully enjoy the walking without worrying about time or possessions.

This program provides the structure, time, community and supportive environment needed for you to grow and develop—not by learning more “how-to” leadership techniques, but by experiencing and discovering a deep inner knowing that emerges from within yourself. You’ll establish a clearer connection to your inner compass, so you can live and lead with more clarity, vitality, and integrity.

Journey in Leadership has been carefully crafted for you to:

  • Increase your capacity to connect, listen to, and trust your inner wisdom.
  • Become clearer on the direction of your personal calling, not only at work but in the fullness of your life.
  • Discover the precious qualities and gifts that you bring to your life, and learn to embody them more fully.
  • Clear space for new dimensions of you to emerge.
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Reflection in Action

As with all Praxsys Leadership programs, this one-of-a-kind journey is about both awareness and practice. You’ll be guided and supported on a journey that can be enlightening, physically challenging, emotionally deepening, and spiritually revealing.

Your four facilitators on the journey are:

  • The leadership coaches, Cynthia Luna and Max Freund, the guides for your inner and outer journey.
  • The community of fellow travelers in the group, on similar paths of discovery.
  • The Camino itself with its own challenges, gifts, surprises, and magic.
  • Your own inner truth and knowing, which will unfold with a newfound clarity you may never have experienced before.

The unique chemistry of these four elements gives the Journey in Leadership its transformative power. We have found that whatever happens along the Way is the precise experience participants need in this moment of their life and leadership.

If we are to feel the wind in our face, we must leave the shallows and harbors and make our way into the open, where we can drift in the deep. Only then will the larger, timeless destination show itself.
— Mark Nepo

The Call and Preparation

Your journey begins the moment you hear the call. If you are reading this, most likely some part of you wishes to heed the invitation and step into this journey of outer and inner discovery.

A panorama shot of the group walking in a field

Your Journey in Leadership starts long before you set foot on the trail. You will receive questions for reflection that will prepare you for your journey and logistical advice to support your travels. The intention of this stage is to start creating a clearing and space within you. Shortly prior to the start of the program you’ll meet your fellow pilgrims and guides on a videoconference to share some context about the program, share your own intentions and guiding questions, and review the final logistics for the trip.

The Adventure

As a leader, new possibilities emerge when you step away from your community and day-to-day responsibilities to take on the mantle of a pilgrim along the road of leadership and self-discovery. This is the moment you truly give yourself over to the journey.

Over the 10 days we spend on the Camino de Santiago, this program will provide an intentional structure for you to take a deep dive into the essence of who you are as a person, how that shows up in your work with others, and your personal path to manifest a life of greater purpose and impact.

  • Each of your guides will guide the group in a reflection on a theme designed to touch your heart and stimulate your thoughts.
  • Each person then walks in silence a while to allow the questions to settle in and feel into the answers. After this you will have the chance to engage in dialogue and exploration with your fellow Journey in Leadership pilgrims.
  • Each day closes once again with a circle where each person shares their reflections on the day.
  • During the course of our time together you will also have an opportunity for a deeper reflection in a full-day workshop and small-group sessions where you will be personally coached by the guides to deeper levels of reflection.

The Integration

The reflection and learning doesn’t stop in Santiago. Once you return to your home, you will have opportunities to connect with your fellow pilgrims and integrate your learning from your experience in community with the people who accompanied your journey.

You will have the opportunity to join an ongoing community of Journey in Leadership pilgrims in a follow-up series of facilitated calls to support you applying your insights into your daily life and continue on your path of exploration and discovery. Past groups have forged such strong and intimate bonds that they have chosen to hold a reunion together some months after their return, coming from far and wide to reconnect with their fellow JIL pilgrims and receive support from the guides to look back on their path once again.


We will begin in the small town of Sarría, a common starting point along the Camino, located roughly 110 kilometers (69 miles) from Santiago de Compostela. This distance qualifies us to receive the official “Compostela” or certificate of completion of the Camino. We follow the Camino Francés, the most common of the many routes that make up the Camino.

Each day we will walk an average of 12 miles, or 3-4 hours of walking time. Each person is free to walk at their own pace, and there are many opportunities for serendipitous conversations and to stop and rest at village cafés and bars, scenic overlooks, forest refuges, and ancient churches along the way. While a basic level of physical fitness and mobility is required, you do not need to be an athlete. You may find yourself challenged at times, but that is an inherent part of the experience.


Journey in Leadership will next be offered in September-October, 2022.

Exact dates and itinerary will be announced in early 2021.


Your registration fee includes shared twin accommodations, breakfast and dinner daily, luggage transport between hotels, medical travel insurance in Spain, plus all program content and resources. Lunch and beverages with dinner are not included.

Payment schedule:

  • The initial deposit will be invoiced immediately upon registration.
  • Interim payment will be invoiced May 1 and is due by May 31, 2021 (or date of registration, if later).
  • Balance of payment (net of discounts and surcharges) will be invoiced July 1, 2021 and is due by July 31, 2021 (or date of registration, if later).

Participants are responsible for making their own air and ground travel arrangements to meet up with the group at our hotel in Sarría on the indicated date and time, and should plan their departure from Santiago de Compostela after the program is complete.

Discounts and surcharges:

  • We offer an Early Bird discount for participants registering by January 1, 2021.
  • We offer a discount for multiple people registering together (for example, if you come with one or more work colleagues, friends, or family members.)
  • A limited number of single bedrooms will be available at most properties for a supplemental fee. These will be allocated first-come-first-served, based on date of registration or specific medical needs.
  • A sliding fee scale may be available for people engaged in community social impact leadership who do not have sufficient resources for the standard price. Please inquire at time of registration.

For information on our registration and payment terms and conditions, click here.

Give yourself the opportunity to view your life and leadership from a unique perspective and move through the world in new ways.

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