Even the most talented people sometimes have trouble figuring out how to work together. Your leadership and management teams are critical to your organization’s success, but perhaps it has had trouble moving beyond dynamics, such as:

  • People are stuck in silos, with too little communication and too much competition.
  • Fear and mistrust keep team members from supporting each other.
  • People hold back from giving each other honest feedback, and important decisions never get made.
  • Everyone is pulling in different directions without a unified vision for the organization or loyalty to the team.
  • Time spent navigating personalities and conflicts drains everyone’s energy and keeps you from focusing on the bigger picture.
  • Lack of transparency in communication feeds gossip, frustration, and confusion.

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Developing Awareness and Competence

Without awareness of the underlying motivation for difficult behaviors and interactions,  resolving ongoing issues in any sustainable way is impossible. Praxsys Leadership addresses this by:

  • Creating opportunities for each team member to deepen their understanding of their own conscious and unconscious motivations, and how they are seen as a leader by others.
  • Developing skills to communicate and work more effectively with each other in ways that build trust, increase relatedness, promote alignment, and support impactful action.
  • Building collective capacity to lead transformational change in the organization and its industry while also executing on core business targets and fundamentals.

Impacting the Whole System

Our custom in-person and online programs are inspirational and pragmatic, with an evidence-based rigor designed to create measurable and meaningful shifts in your organization, culture and business as a whole. Our approach to leadership team coaching is designed to create transformational change by intervening at three levels:

  1. Individual: Focusing in the development of each team member to increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and quality of presence in order to effectively lead themselves and others in the pursuit of defined outcomes.
  2. Team: Building competence to engage in crucial conversations around shared identity, direction, alignment, supportive systems, and intentional action.
  3. System: Developing the team’s collective capacity to lead the firm toward strategic business goals by building awareness of its ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders, and intentionally influencing those relationships together.

Leadership Team Coaching with Praxsys: How We Work

  • Evidence-Based Assessment: We start with rigorous customized assessments on the individual, team and systemic levels to dig beneath the presenting symptoms and learn about the team’s aspirations and the root causes of its challenges. This may include approaches like confidential one-on-one interviews with our coaches, 360° assessments or surveys, and consultation with stakeholders outside the team who are affected by its performance. Our rigorous applied research methodologies and use of both proprietary and research-validated models ensure that the coaching program we design will get to the heart of what is going on.
  • Leadership Team Coaching to Build Capacity: Lasting change in teams is the result of joint shifts in mindsets, emotion, relationships, and behavior. Through a series of skill-building sessions and crucial conversations, the team improves its capacity to collaborate and lead together. In the process, members develop a shared language and frame of reference, and each member gains a deeper sense of their own — and their teammates’ — leadership capacity and unique contribution to shared results. Coming together in a structured group learning environment with skilled outside facilitation can offer team members a safe environment to speak uncomfortable truths and try on new behaviors. By identifying opportunities to embody new narratives and apply their learning out in the wild, the team solidifies their new skills by taking action and leading together to solve mission-critical business challenges.
  • Individual Executive Coaching: Leadership team coaching is most impactful when one or more senior leaders also receive executive coaching. Supported by a certified Integral Coach®, this can offer powerful insight into how their own habitual ways of management and leadership might be contributing to team dynamics. Individual coaching can offer real-time support on how best to reinforce the shifts the team is trying to make, and engage more powerfully and authentically to unleash the team’s potential.

Client Testimonials

Transform your organizational culture by changing how teams know themselves and interact with each other.

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