Our Vision

We seek to help create a world where people can exercise their inherent human capacity for leadership, acting together with dignity, belonging, purpose, and contribution. We manifest this by developing human systems for organizational impact, whether through coaching, team development, or organizational learning.

What We Do

Praxsys Leadership offers coaching and development for organizations seeking to create human impact and business impact. Our integral approach enlightens and enlivens individuals and teams and your organization as a whole, with a system-wide shift toward more trust, collaboration, contribution and fulfillment. Organizations are empowered to lead, learn, and grow together.

How We Do It

We create customized programs for mid-sized organizations, delivered by a team of leadership coaches and consultants with rigor, practicality, effectiveness, and heart. Programs are pragmatic, rigorous, and systemic, with evidence-based methods designed to create meaningful and measurable shifts in your culture and business. At every stage of our work we emphasize integrity, transparency, direct participation, meaningful voice, and clear use of stakeholder input.

Our Results

We partner with our clients to develop:

  • Identity — A deeper understanding of who you are and what you collectively stand for
  • Direction — Clarity on the impact and results you are trying to create, for your organization and for the world
  • Alignment — A system-wide shift in how people relate with each other, communicate and work toward clearer goals throughout your organization as a whole.
  • Systems — A more human organization where people feel seen, heard, valued, and can bring their true talents to work.
  • Action — People are empowered to take conscious action and reflect on outcomes to increase capacity for learning, integration, adaptation, and impact.

The Bottom Line:

When people can learn and act together, profound shifts can occur. Communication improves, effectiveness increases, and fulfillment deepens.

Because when you put people at the center of business, anything is possible.

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