A Path to Powerful, Sustainable Change

Your organization is doing great—and you know it can do better. We all live in a work world that seems to be spinning more quickly every day, and it’s hard for even the most talented people to keep up. Change is hard, no matter whether the struggle is to onboard new people in a growing company, break down functional silos, create a unified culture across sites, or shift roles and culture to match new strategies.

In a world like this, more leaders are recognizing that piecemeal solutions just don’t cut it. Skill-based training can be a wonderful thing, but if it doesn’t impact the organizational culture, no lasting shifts can be expected. Team off-sites and coaching can help build relationships, but if the individuals aren’t committed to their growth, there is no foothold for change.

Our individual coaching strategy can develop talent or help individuals in organizations adapt to new roles, but it’s all for naught if the people and systems around them don’t grow and adapt as well.

Raising Awareness and Shifting Behavior

With The Impact Leadership Program, we help organizations build new leadership cultures, whether the focus is on a single department, across functions, or throughout an organization. We combine an integral approach to human development with evidence-based methods grounded in the latest research and cutting-edge techniques in areas such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence, team effectiveness, and communication.

Building Competence at Three Levels

The Leadership Impact Program develops capacity for leaders in three domains:

  1. Developing each individual leader through self-awareness and practices that shift mindsets and build skill sets (“I”)
  2. Developing your team’s shared language, new skills, capacity for crucial conversations to build better communication and collaboration (“We”)
  3. Constructing a shared vision and collective practices to build the team’s collective capacity to lead transformational change within the organization and across its industry. (“It”)

The effectiveness of this model is evident as the work (It), is directly impacted by the way an organization acts with each other (We), and the consciousness that each person brings to their leadership style (I).

From Solid Foundation to Powerful Alignment

The Leadership Impact Program usually takes place over a full year and consists of group sessions led by our seasoned facilitators, individual coaching with our certified Integral Coaches, as well as peer coaching when possible. The flow of this program involves these basic elements:

  • Building trust in yourself, your team, and the system is the bedrock of extraordinary transformation and vast improvements. All of our programs start here.
  • From this solid footing, leaders are invited into a process of understanding what motivates behavior—their own and others’.
  • Once leaders begin to see the impact we have on one another and the organization as a whole, they can take action to shift behaviors for better communication, greater effectiveness, and clear alignment.
  • A new, aligned vision for the organization emerges, with a shared purpose and committed, effective stakeholders collaborating toward that vision.

Very often, our clients experience such a powerful impact that they decide to continue deepening their work through additional cycles of work with that team or a bridge-building group of leaders from multiple teams.

For a concrete example of what this evolution looks like, read our case study.

Take your organization to the next level of alignment, collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction.

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