Interview with Debra Beck, EdD on shared leadership and strategic decision making in nonprofit boards

October 28th, 2015
This morning I was interviewed by Dr. Debra Beck about my dissertation research on shared leadership and strategic decision making in nonprofit boards of directors. It was a fun experience that reinforced to me how relevant this topic is to leaders who are trying to figure out how to make the best use of their board members’ expertise, insights, and relationships.... Read more »

When “nice” is wrong

March 11th, 2015
One of the perennial puzzles of governing boards is why we go to such huge efforts to recruit amazing people who are at the leading edge of their field, but then we fail to actually use that expertise. In the messy “VUCA” world we find ourselves today, this is the very reason that we have boards rather than the CEO flying solo:... Read more »

Trend-watching: The 2013 Philanthropy 400 and Navigating Rough Fundraising Waters

October 23rd, 2013
Boy, the fundraising reports just keep coming!  Yesterday my Chronicle of Philanthropy arrived with this year’s Philanthropy 400, a listing of the organizations raising the most money nationwide.  In light of the Urban Institute/AFP report we looked at the other day, it’s somewhat sobering news — if the top 400 are navigating rough waters in 2013, then you can bet it’s really tough going for the smaller organizations!... Read more »

One is silver, the other is gold…

October 16th, 2013
Although camp season is a distant memory this time of year, when I read the new 2013 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report from the Urban Institute and Association of Fundraising Professionals, I couldn’t help but think of the old campfire song, “Make new friends but keep the old / One is silver and the other’s gold.”  That report is a powerful cautionary tale for nonprofits in our region.... Read more »