Interview with Debra Beck, EdD on shared leadership and strategic decision making in nonprofit boards by Max Freund

October 28th, 2015
Max Freund Interviewing Debra Beck
This morning I was interviewed by Dr. Debra Beck about my dissertation research on shared leadership and strategic decision making in nonprofit boards of directors. It was a fun experience that reinforced to me how relevant this topic is to leaders who are trying to figure out how to make the best use of their board members’ expertise, insights, and relationships. Read more »

Meet the Keynote: Jennifer Hooten on Compassionate Action

October 7th, 2015
Jennifer Hooten 1
We are excited to announce Jennifer Hooten, M.A. as our keynote speaker for our upcoming Women in Leadership Mini-Retreat titled “Compassionate Action Without Burning Out.” Our team member, Becca Spence Dobias, had the opportunity to interview her on the topic.  Get a glimpse of what to expect in our upcoming retreat! Read more »

You Are Not the Issue by Cynthia Luna

July 5th, 2015
Diagram of Person Juggling Many Ideas
Over the past 10 years coaching leaders, I’ve seen people grow and transform the way they relate to others and achieve their goals. Most importantly, I’ve experienced people shifting the way in which they relate to themselves creating long-term sustainable change. This new relationship to self creates boundless possibilities for people to live more fully and more connected. Consequently, they become more powerful and effective leaders. Read more »