May 7th, 2020

When we founded our firm 15 years ago as LF Leadership, we were clear about one central idea: developing leadership as the collective capacity to make a difference. Beyond that, the only thing we were sure of was that the heart of the business was the combination of unique strengths, insights, and styles that each of us — Cynthia and Max — bring. The name we chose reflected that partnership: L for Luna + F for Freund = LF Leadership.

Since then, our business has evolved into much more than two individuals. Our team has grown to be a talented cadre of coaches and supporting professionals. We have learned a great deal about how to — and how not to — foster development and effectiveness in individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.

Most of all, we have honed and clarified the legacy we seek to create: an equitable world where people can exercise their inherent human capacity for leadership, acting together with dignity, belonging, and purpose.

It is our pleasure to reintroduce ourselves to you as Praxsys Leadership. This new identity is a reflection of two core aspects of our firm’s practice:

  • PRAXIS: Reflective action in the world to change the world. Because a purposeful impact is the result of engaged action and continuous learning.
  • SYSTEMS: Dynamic relationships, structures, and practices. Because lasting change requires shifts in both the individual and the whole.

We have kept our signature butterfly as a recognition that each of us is in a continuous process of transformation — and that even the smallest shift in one corner of the world can have impacts far beyond our wildest imagining.

We manifest this commitment by developing human systems for organizational impact through leadership coaching, team development, leadership development programs, and organizational learning.

Like a butterfly, we are shedding our chrysalis and taking flight with a name that reflects who we are becoming. We welcome you in accompanying us on this journey.